What or Who is a Knaresborough Connector?

Great question... what is it all about!?!

Quite simply - a Knaresborough Connector is someone who gives their time, skills and energy to benefit our local community. This practically looks different for each one of us. For some it has meant volunteering in Vaccination centres, for others it is ringing round those who are lonely and isolated and for others it would look like helping to organise that community event you have always wanted to get involved in. Being a Connector is free, and gives you opportunities to link up and make a difference.

To put it quite simply Connectors are helping hands in our Community 


I've got more from Connectors than i've put in..."

Mary M

I helped alot of people - then i was helped!


I didnt know who you were!

Jon from Orb 

I recommend becoming a connector!


Nick Garrett

'Becoming a Knaresborough Connector was the best thing I ever did... It's better than Soccerball, better than brass bands.... even better than Anthony Hopkins movies'


Want to Become a Knaresborough Connector? 

All you need to do is be you!

 If you are passionate about using your skills, talents and energy to make Knaresborough a better place - you sound like our kind of person. Please follow the instructions on the form below and be will be in contact with you.

To sign up - and you need to do is give us a 'high five' on the hand next to this text, and fill in the simple form.. we will be in contact from that point onwards.