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Each one of us have had times when we have felt disconnected or on our own, particularly after recent world events. This doesn’t need to be your reality!

Knaresborough Connectors have set up ‘Connected’ which aims to connect people with community groups of interest in Knaresborough.

Here's how it works...



If you are reading this, there is a good chance that someone has told you about what we do and connected you – if not, please fill some contact details, and we will be in touch

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One of our Connectors will then give you a call this will be a friendly neighbour who is equipped and happy to help. You will arrange to meet, have a chat, and see what community groups, organisations or clubs might suit your interests and skills.
We would love you to tell us about you. For example, what do you enjoy doing? What are your skills and talents? – And just so you know, there are no wrong answers, and there is no financial cost involved for meeting us



From this conversation, the Connector will work with you to find a list of local groups that might be right for you. We will work with you to help you find YOUR COMMUNITY


Sign up for Connected here

Community is just round the corner!

Please fill in your details on this simple form below - we will then be in contact with you about what you would like to happen next