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Imagine how amazing Knaresborough could be if
everyone in our town had 3 good friends!

Social Prescribing

We've connected hundreds of people to community groups 

Community Development


We believe in Community Power!

We help community groups improve by:

 - connecting them to funding opportunities

 - working alongside groups & providing ideas 

 - designing websites and social media

 - organising events

 - publicising them so more people join

 - offering friendly advice

Giving Back 

For those whose gift is financial generosity


We want to listen to members and provide opportunities to support them to play their part in the Connector movement. We estimate a budget of £500 a month. We currently have commitments of £200 a month but believe we can grow this to achieve our budget with your support. If 30 members were able to contribute between £5 to £20 a month, we’d hit that target.

Donate £5 -

Donate £10 -

Donate £25 -

Donate £50 -

Small Projects

Members and others sometimes come to us with ideas for projects or new groups that just need a small amount of funding to kick-start. If they contribute to the goals of building community and linking more people into these groups then we’d love to support more of these types of ideas. One-off donations of £50 would provide us with the means to continue to provide this support and build community.

Donate £5 -

Donate £10 -

Donate £25 -

Donate £50 -


There are small costs associated with maintaining the organisation in good shape and satisfying the Financial Conduct Authority (our regulator) with returns and accounts. If most of our members committed to just £10 a year, we’d cover these costs and therefore not put a strain on other projects or activities.

Donate £5 -

Donate £10 -

Donate £25 -

Donate £50 -

Space Bus

The Knaresborough SPACE Bus is fully kitted out to reach not just the Youth of the town, but also many other groups and community sectors within our district. With your help, Knaresborough Revolution will be able to sustain this project and launch lots of exciting initiatives and activities. 

Donate £5 -

Donate £10 -

Donate £25 -

Donate £50 -


"I had a chat with Connectors and then it was pretty good really, I got to try a few things out. I met some amazing people, really friendly. I'm probably going to set my own stuff up now."


"Lovely conversation with Nick at Connectors and it went from there. I joined the choir, made some friends and life's been kind. Thank you Connectors!"


"I'd moved to Knaresborough not long after Covid and things hadn't really gone to plan. I left a message with Connectors, they rang back and a few weeks later I'd met some super people who helped me. I now run my own group."
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Groups We're Currently Supporting

Knaresborough Revolution

The SPACE Bus Project

Launched in 2023; the Knaresborough SPACE Bus is fully kitted out to reach not just the Youth of the town, but also many other groups and community sectors within our district. It features:

  • The latest Games Consoles

  • Outside TV and Awning

  • Off-Grid Power

  • Chromebooks

The staff and volunteers are fully insured with DBS checks in place.

Gracious Street Methodist Church

Community Development

We've spread our philosophy of Asset Based Community Development to Knaresborough's Methodist Church, helping their team see people as "needed not needy" a key concept in community development practice and a radical change for a church used to serving the poor.

Friendship & Leisure

Reducing social isolation

Once a month 20 folk who regularly experience social isolation and loneliness meet up at the Friendship and Leisure house in the centre of Knaresborough for tea, cake and a natter. 

Knaresborough Connectors has found these folk through extensive outreach and relationship building work over the years since Covid.

Nidderdale Messiah

Web Design & Online Ticketing

This annual concert raises money for local charities and engages over 150 people in singing choral music in Knaresborough. We built a brand new website with online ticketing so they could save time, reach more people and focus on what they do best, putting on a great concert.

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