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Knaresborough is a wonderful place to live and to help residents get the most

out of living in our town, we have designed the following free resources to help you join in.


Community Database 

Knaresborough.Community Logo (2).png

Knaresborough.communtiy also hosts the Community groups database page, that has information on over 250 community groups that currently exist in the Town. So if you fancy anything from Martial arts to Morris dancing, Youth Clubs to Yoga - Knaresborough has something for you!


so why not have a look and get yourself connected.  


It can be tough being new...


...but us Knaresborough folk want you to have the warmest of welcomes, and have a natural link into community life - That's why we have created 'A Beginners Guide to Knaresborough' 
Connectors LOVE working in partnership - and it was awesome to work with the Lions, Rotary & the Chamber of Trade on Creating this. 
If you are recently new to Knaresborough, books can be found at the Library - or get in contact, we'll pop one over to you!

A Beginners Guide to Knaresborough 

Knaresborough.Community is a free website about Knaresborough written by Knaresborians!

Featuring helpful information on; 

 - Things to do (for free)

 - Town Events

 - The Town Centre

 - Local Services 

 - Health 

 - Faith Communities 

 - Education

If you are new to Knaresborough or been here all your life it's a helpful place to go for info. 

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