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Ring Round

Amazing People

During Covid two members of Knaresborough Lions rang about 80 people once a week to have a chat with them. 

They were people who'd had their shopping provided by their neighbours.

Some of these folk enjoy a chat on the phone so the Ring Round continues along with the occasional trip out and social event.

The people that talk to us on the Ring Round are amazing.

They've run businesses, managed engineering departments, brought up 6 children, fostered kids for 20 years, transformed gardens and homes, run community organisations, travelled the world. 

We're always alongside them looking for opportunities for their talents to be used to benefit the town.

Community Angels

Can you help your neighbours?

Are you handy at:

·        changing lighbulbs

·        clearing snow off a drive

·        clipping a hedge to clear a path

·        sticking a carpet corner down

If you can do just one of those tasks and fancy helping out once in a while then get in touch with us.
Title your email Community Angels


make people smile

 do something really useful for not a lot of time

 save the NHS a fortune by preventing people going to hospital 

Mental Health Services Transformation

We provide leadership and support to the NHS on transforming mental health services in the Harrogate and Rural District.

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Population Health Analysis

We've modelled demand for mental health service showing how much it increases over time.

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Community Service Mapping

We're helping figure out what voluntary and community services exist to support those with mental health conditions working out where the gaps are.

Image of an individual person stood looking out of a window

Health Inequalities

We've identified 3 groups of people who miss out on accessing mental health services.

1. Families in insecure accommodation

2. Frail People 

3. Frail women on their own with diabetes in a rural area

Knaresborough Voice

A forum we created which shared views of residents with organisations in the town. Over 20 organisations come together to try and figure out how to tackle issues such as: 





Economic Development & Tourism

Data and Intelligence

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