Knaresborough Community Festival

Knaresborough Connectors are proud to host the  annual Knaresborough Community Festival

Imagine a day in your town, where you could pop along to, listen to live music, be surrounded by activities, sports and games that you could take part in for free, and find out about some of the most amazing, quirky and wonderful groups Knaresborough has to offer! 

We started the Knaresborough Community Festival in 2021, as the nation came out of another lockdown, with residents sharing how disconnected they felt from their community. The day proved to be a huge success with new and rekindled connections taking place all over the place. 

2022 Saw the event get even bigger.  Over 40 community groups represented, and 1500 local residents came to join us for a day of fun, sun, fantastic music and everything that is awesome about being in community. 

community festival 2021.jpg

 2021 Community Festival highlights