The Story of Knaresborough Connectors

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How we work 

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3 Good Friends

What would Knaresborough look like if every resident had 3 good (local) friends? 


As easy as ABCD... 

We follow the principles of Asset-Based Community Development. In doing so we work alongside residents and see people as “Needed not Needy”. If you want to know more, click on the underline, and Cormac Russell will explain more to you in his great Ted talk!

Have a look at what we’re working on, our goals and passions.

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Who do we think we are?

Although Knaresborough Connectors started in 2018, our journey in-fact has local roots that can be traced back for over 800 years! -  Click on this link to read more about our celebrated history and values


Who does what 

Matt Read 

Matt Read is our Connector and Place Development Manager. Matt leads Connected our community-based social prescribing programme, community development activities and our Covid-19 neighbourhood network. 

Matt has over 20 years’ experience of pioneering and developing projects in the charity sector. He is a qualified Youth Worker and has worked all over the world. He and his young family are residents of Knaresborough.

M:07936 946438


Nick Garrett

Nick Garrett co-founded Knaresborough Connectors and led the development and running of our Covid-19 neighbourhood network. He introduced Asset-Based Community Development to Knaresborough learned during 12 years of experience in a variety of roles at Leeds City Council.

He is a management consultant in Health and Social Care and used to work for North Yorkshire County Council. He is a trustee of Chain Lane Community Hub, on the leadership team of Gracious Street Methodist Church and is on the advisory board of the Leeds Social Science Institute at Leeds University. Nick lives in Knaresborough and conducts the Knaresborough Silver Band.

M: 07753167190


The Directors 

The Directors listen to the membership and set the direction of Knaresborough Connectors ensuring we are compliant with health and safety, safeguarding, financial regulations, legal liabilities and our ethos and values. They come from a variety of backgrounds and all live in Knaresborough.

Peter Lacey
Hazel Haas MBE
Nick Garrett
Liz Rochester
Sue Vasey
Sue Lightfoot
Rev Gary Hinchcliffe

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