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We're a Community Benefit Society owned by and powered by residents.


Our members are our owners. We're Knaresborough residents who care about our town.

Management Group

A group of skilled individual supporting Knaresborough Connectors who meet up to make stuff happen.


A dedicated team who keep Connectors on track, safe, legal and sustainable.

Peter Lacey, Hazel Haas, Liz Rochester, Sue Lightfoot, Nick Garrett.

What we do

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3 Good Friends

What would Knaresborough look like if every resident had 3 good (local) friends? 

Connected is our community -based Social Prescribing scheme which connects residents to community groups, clubs and societies where folk can find like-minded people and make friends.

Community Development is our support for Knaresborough's thriving community groups, clubs and societies where people build great friendships.


As easy as ABCD... 

We follow the principles of Asset-Based Community Development. 

We work alongside residents and see people as “Needed not Needy”.

If you want to know more, watch this video

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Our Roots

We started in 2018 and our journey has a lineage that goes back 800 years!

The inspiration behind Knaresborough Connectors is St Robert of Knaresborough who was renowned across Europe over 800 years ago.

He left his monastery and set up in Knaresborough to live amongst ordinary folk, working alongside them taking up residence in a cave by the river.

St Robert was a radical who left the establishment and set up alongside residents working alongside them so all could have decent food and a livelihood.

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