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Knaresborough Voice 

What do the people of Knaresborough really think about the issues facing our town?

We set up Knaresborough Voice to find out.

Here are some of our  conversations below...

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Young Adults of Knaresborough

What is Knaresborough like for those of us in the 13-30 age group? How do you feel about the town, how do you feel about your future. 

This conversation will help Knaresborough understand how to create a town that includes and supports our younger age groups. 

Speak now

What is life like in Knaresborough?

What makes Knaresborough an even better place to live and work? 

Curious? Well - This Conversation will 116 local residents gives us a great insight. See results below! 

See results here
Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Mental Wellbeing after COVID19 Lockdowns

An initial sample of 25 participants in this conversation will dovetail with other evidence about the impact of the pandemic on our mental health and wellbeing, including conversations that Orb and Knaresborough Connectors have had with local residents. 

The 25 participants responded to 7 statements.  1 in 5 respondents did not think that people’s levels of anxiety had been heightened by the pandemic or that loneliness had increased – perhaps that’s because neighbours and the local community had worked well in adversity.  This is confirmed by the fact that most people in the conversation agreed that “Being good neighbours during COVID has helped a lot of people address feelings of loneliness and isolation that we should continue to support.” 

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20's plenty for Knaresborough? 

We had 563 votes cast in this conversation with twenty-seven submitted statements.  Just over 6 out of 10 people were supportive of a twenty’s plenty plan, more when it related to areas around schools but also more widely.  Others suggested different traffic calming measures. 
Related issues also emerged including the use of Knaresborough as a through route to Harrogate, despite the bypass, presumably due to other access routes to Harrogate being equally as congested!  Perhaps there’s no ultimate solution for Knaresborough without a District wide approach to transport infrastructure.

See results here

Listening to your Voice together 

The following groups and organisations are supporting the development of Knaresborough Voice.  The views expressed in the surveys or in the summary outputs on this webpage are not necessarily those of any or all of these groups…

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Knaresborough Connectors




Chain Lane Community Hub 

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Knaresborough Chamber of Trade

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North Yorkshire County Council

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Twenties Plenty


Knaresborough Voice 

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